Additional Services


Stimulation of the ovaries often leads to excess embryos being created which cannot be transferred in the same treatment cycle. With your consent good quality embryos may be stored by freezing (cryo-preservation) for possible transfer at a later date. It is not clinically or financially worthwhile to freeze less than two healthy embryos, as in general a third will not survive the rigorous freeze/thaw process. Selection of the embryos to be frozen is at the discretion of the embryologist.

The embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 C. At that temperature there has been no evidence of deterioration over time. Embryos freeze most successfully on Day One at the Pronuclear stage. However the developmental capacity of the embryo at the pronuclear stage is still uncertain, and for this reason we often freeze on Day Two when the embryo has started to cleave (divide). On Day Two the quality of the embryos can be more accurately assessed and a clear decision can be made as to which embryos are suitable for transfer, and if any, for freezing.

Before cryopreservation can proceed you must complete a consent form and state the period of storage you desire. We recommend that you choose an initial five year period, remembering that you have the statutory right to change your mind at anytime by simply writing to us. Do not hesitate to contact the centre if you have any concerns regarding your embryos.

A fee is charged to cover the cost of the elaborate freezing procedure and is forwarded to you after your treatment. A fee is charged for the first two years of Storage and thereafter reviewed annually.