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In all cases where a woman is unable, for whatever reasons, to use her own eggs, egg donation may be considered. Commonest reasons for egg/embryo donation treatment are

. early menopause,
. persistently poor or failed response to ovulation induction drugs,
. poor quality eggs leading to multiple failed IVF attempts or when the female patient is a carrier of certain serious genetic abnormality.

Eggs may come from anonymous donors and in rare cases from known donors.
The recommended upper age limit for an egg donor is 35.

There is a serious national shortage of egg donors and long waiting lists are often encountered in assisted conception units. However a unique concept of egg sharing programme has benefited few individuals who showed interest. Additionally, some egg donor agencies are now in operation and are able to recruit potential egg donors and also surrogate mothers for our surrogacy cases.

As a routine, a potential egg donor is medically screened and counseled for suitability. Their menstrual cycles are synchronized with those of a recipient so as to enable treatment commence simultaneously.